FAQ & Downloads

Can I have one key that fits all locks?
Yes certainly. This is easy, contact us for an estimate.
Is it expensive?
No, however it does depend on the quality of your locks – standard re-keying starts at $35 per keyhole.

What is a Master Key?
This is a term used when you have one key that fits all locks and another key that only fits some locks. This is used to restrict access of certain key holders, but grant access to higher levels without the need to carry multiple keys.

Why should I use a licensed, registered locksmith who is an association member?
Police checks, qualification checks and code of ethics are only enforced by recognised industry bodies like the Master Locksmiths Association and Victorian Private Security Register – who are you really letting on your property?

What is a Restricted Key?
A key that cannot be duplicated without consent of a registered signatory. This is particularly useful to prevent unauthorised access by past or current employees accessing areas they are not supposed to by copying another person’s key.
Is it expensive?
No, if the restricted key prevents the need to re-key your locks more than 3 times it is cheaper than a locksmith on site.

I have a worn/broken key – can you help?
Yes, no matter if it is a vehicle, safe or house key we can assist!

Deadlocks, are they dangerous?
If used correctly NO, they are actually an imperative security device to help protect your home and contents.

Alarms, does anyone really pay attention?
This is a myth. A properly installed alarm system not only makes noise, but also dials externally to notify of a security breach. This can be through a SMS, voice call or third party monitoring station.

Locks only keep the honest criminals out…
You don’t need to worry about the honest people – they are not breaking in anyway! A correctly designed, quality security package will keep intruders from attacking your possessions and give you the protection you deserve.

I have a late model car – do I have to go to the dealer for another key?
No, we have a large range of genuine and aftermarket keys that we cut and program in house to suit most cars.